Rules – Dallas Polyamory General Facebook Group


Education, support, and community for those living authentic polyamorous lives in the DFW area.

If you cannot be outed to your friends, we recommend creating an alt profile. Dallas Polyamory is a Closed Group, but Facebook may recommend it to your friends.


– Jump in and join our family!
– Post educational and inspirational posts (posts should be related to Polyamory and/or relationships).
– Be supportive!
– Be accepting of all form of non-monogamy in your interaction!
– Be sex positive!
– Always have consent top of mind!
– Be respectful, compassionate & kind!
– Call others by their chosen pronouns.


– Attack, troll or be disrespectful
– Post divisive topics that are not related to Polyamory.
– Message or friend request without prior permission. Get verbal permission or permission within a thread. However, you may message any admin/mod at any time if it is regarding Dallas Polyamory. We always love to help.
– Report any post to FB. Instead, screenshot and message any of the admin/mod.
– Post hate speech, including homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or anything slut-shaming
– Quarrel with anyone including a partner/metamour/ex.
– Make posts seeking connections. This includes posts looking for a date, sex, relationship, or friends. We do want our members to connect but we are not a hook up site and we do have specific threads on Saturdays where our member can make such posts.
– Post “Add me”, “PM me”, posts.
– Post Excessive memes (keep them high quality). Non poly/relationship memes should be placed in the meme thread. Related memes should be limited to1 a day per member.
– Post comments that deride any relationship structure, including monogamy or polygamy.
– Post kink related posts. We have a subgroup for that!
– Copy or share anything in our group to anywhere outside our group without consent from the original poster.
– Send shocking images or language to other members without their prior consent.
– Discuss the merits of religion, politics, or candidates.
– Turn off comments on your posts. Contact an admin/mod if you feel this is necessary.
– Block of ANY admins/mods is not permitted nor can we block any member. Blocking creates a situation where important information cannot be shared.
– Glorify or discuss recreational 420, alcohol or other substance usage. 420 photography is also not permissible. However, mentioning that you are “420 friendly” in our connection threads or discussing medical or mental health use is allowable. Any threads about this topic should start with a ** Trigger Warning **
– Post anything that is not SFW or that violates Facebook’s Terms Of Service (TOS).


You may contact any admin/mod to report suspicious or harassing behavior, clarify the rules, or seek readmission in the event you were ejected from the group.

Guidelines for Posting Member Events

Members may create events on Dallas Polyamory if they follow these guidelines.

  • All events should be sex-positive and maintain the core values of Dallas Polyamory.
  • At events, all attendees should always have consent and safety top of mind!
  • All events should be inclusive for the members that it is posted in. Events may be posted in sub-groups (Sisterhood, Brothers of Non-Monogamy & Radical Rainbows).
  • All events require at least one person that is not under the influence to monitor and oversee the event.
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed by anyone under 21.
  • For home parties, no monies (covers, fees, etc.) may be collected except for the reimbursement of supplies. Asking participants to bring food or drinks is perfectly fine. No host should ever profit monetarily for hosting an event. There are exceptions to this rule, please contact an admin/mod if you wish to discuss.
  • No gambling events are allowed


  • Kink/sex events can only be posted in Afterdark, and require the approval of any admin/moderator. Please message an admin/ moderator with the event details before posting. Exception: Kink 101 events may be posted in the general group with prior permission.
  • All home kink/BDSM event require a mandatory consent workshop.
  • Minors (under 18+) can not be allowed to attend any after dark party.

Neither Dallas Polyamory or it’s admins or moderators shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at a event.