Support for Consent Incident

Support Hotlines

National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 787-3224

Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-7233

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255
Text TALK to 741741 to talk to a trained counselor available 24/7

Trans LifeLine 
(877) 565-8860

SAGE LGBT Elder Hotline
(888) 234-SAGE

The LGBT National Hotline
(888) 843-4564

Domestic Shelters

Local Domestic Shelter Listing – Dallas

Local Domestic Shelter Listing – Fort Worth

Additional Resources

Poly Friendly Professionals STI Clinics

How to file an “Incident Report”

1. If there is an injury that requires medical care- Call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room

2. If you would like to file a police report- Call 911 or head to your nearest police station. We can find someone to go with you for emotional support, contact an admin by PM if needed.

3. If no immediate medical care or law enforcement is needed and you would like to file an incident report to Dallas Polyamory so that we can better protect our community, submit the “Incident Report” below to TWO admins/mods of your choice. Please also include if all the information shared can be discussed by the entire admin team or if certain information included is to remain anonymous and confidential. We value your privacy.

4. Submit the following incident report to any mod or admin:

  •  Name and contact information of everyone involved (to the best of your knowledge)
  • What did you negotiate?
  • What limits where set in place?
  • Was Consent withdrawn at any point or a Safeword given?
  • Is there any reason that may have negated consent (such as impaired thinking)?
  • What is the history between participants?
  • Is there a history of consent violations? Describe.
  • Was there an injury done that exceeded the negotiated limit?
  • Describe the Incident
  • What steps would you like for us to take assisting you in filing the Incident? (Someone to go with you to the hospital/medical care center/police station, someone to lend a shoulder to cry on or to talk.) How can we help?